The Daniel Project

Sometimes you surf the net and you don’t know where the next click takes you. I read a posting in the newsgroup soc.culture.japan.moderated about a review at The article’s title in question was The Dave and Tony Show. Read the review what the two books are about – I can really recommend the second one to anyone who’s married to a foreigner, but especially to Japanese readers. The review mentiones a guy named Olaf Karthaus. As this name sounds German, and since I’m a very curious person, I looked it up in Google. The top page listed in the results was a copyright form in German for a “Project Daniel”. I moved two parent directories up and found The Daniel Project.

On first look, it was a memorial site for a child as I have read a few in the last several years. Then one sentence caught my eye: “Born with a severe congenital heart defect.” That sounded familiar. When I was born, I was diagnosed with a ventricular septum defect, I was a blue baby with a little opening in the wall between my two lower heart chambers. My condition though was far less life-threatening than Daniels. In contrast to him, I didn’t need any surgery. I wasn’t allowed to participate in every sport event at school, but when I turned 14, my body seemed to have healed all by itself, the systolic murmur detected by cardiac auscultation in regular checkups was gone. I read the whole website, including the book about Daniel’s life, his surgeries and his death. I can’t remember when I have been so touched to tears by somebody’s writing on the net. I haven’t thought about it earlier, but now I’m a little bit worried whether our own baby will be healthy or not since there’s an indication of a genetic link. Let’s hope for the best, my wife’s genes aren’t as crappy as mine are.

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  • Dear GraBlog,

    as you wrote in the blog, you never know where the next click takes you. I happened to google my name and found your entry.
    be asured, your kids will be without heart defect.

    Thank you for sharing your feelings when you read my story about Daniel. He would turn 23 this year, he went on to heaven 13 years ago, but it still isn’t easy, sometimes.

    Dir und Deiner Familie alles Gute. Olaf

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