A New Face for the Neighborhood

planned construction at Bilk SWe’re living in Düsseldorf, close to an old goods station that’s not used anymore except for S-Bahn transit. The area is huge, some 50-60,000 sqm lie idle since the 80ies. A few weeks ago mfi, an estate company opened an information tent for the citizens in the area, informing them about their plans: They’re going to build a shopping mall, 39,000 sqm of space which is twice as big than the Schadow Arkaden in the city. I’m sceptical that Bilk, which is not part of the downtown can use that much shopping space at all – it would be about 60% of the size of Europe’s shopping mall #1, the Centro in Oberhausen (70,000sqm). The train station is planned to be expanded for regional transit as it was the case a few decades ago, but even with a new subway line Bilk is hardly going to compete against downtown. For the curious of mind, the local Green office informs about the construction site and alternatives here.

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