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Unsuspectingly surfing the net again, I clicked my way from Coming Anarchy over to Japundit and then to Pixelscribbles, I suddenly read of Justin Klein’s descriptions of his amazing experiences at Ritsumeikan Universitycurrently a ??? (foreign student) at Rits! There’re also pictures of of Kyoto – ????! – and the new I-House – there are two now and I heard they’re building another one. There’re other I-House bloggers as well, take a look at dubious adventures, Bootleg YHM and Yamasama. I read Mutantfrog’s weblog before, but didn’t know he studied at Rits, too.

Justin Klein and Mutantfrog added to Blogroll.

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  • Yeah, all three of us at mutantfrog.com (MF, Adamu, and Saru) spent time at Rits. I was there from 2002-2003 on the “One Year Program.”

    Thanks for the post on Rits blogs. I’ve been planning a kind of series on Japan blogging for a while and those links will help!

  • I was also at Rits. Although it should be clarified that both Saru and myself cannot claim to be members of the “I-House bloggers” as we did not reside there.

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