Monthly Archive for October, 2005

Jun Philipp Grabi?

Dear family, friends, fellow students, colleagues, supporters and allies,
I can joyfully report that on October 14th 2005 our first son Jun Philipp was born in Marienhospital, Düsseldorf after approximately 12 hours of exhausting labor pains. I cut the umbilical cord at 12:00 a.m., heir and mother are in good health. The baby’s length is 53 cm and weighs 3,790 gr, but take a first look yourself. I’ll post more pictures in the days to come – and I have to apologize for light blogging and scarce social attendence in advance.

Troubles and Blogulations

After almost a week, I somehow managed to make it back online. The files, mailsettings and all other stuff except the database were simple to move to the new cluster. Since WordPress, Mambo and other scripts I had running on the server used utf-8 for character encoding, the migration proved somewhat difficult. With the old version of phpmyadmin, I couldn’t set the collation of the database, and to be honest, up to this week I didn’t even know databases had a setting for encodings. It turns out the old collation was latin1 (surprise, surprise), and setting the new one to utf-8 and importing the tables in utf-8 didn’t work for me, all characters were kaput. It turns out, that databases have their internal encoding which creates the whole problem. For wordpress, either using a wp-plugin or find a way to issue a SET NAMES ‘latin1’ command right after WP is done connecting. The easier option for me was to create a new table which is set to latin1 as the old one. Problem solved and blogged, hopefully others will find this hint useful to circumvent character set encoding problems.

On another note, today is the day. My wife’s due, but the little guy seems to be comfortable enough inside. We might have to wait for a few days, but there’s no need to rush. We bought everything we need, the name is decided and people are calling in the whole time and ask whether “it happened” or not. Stay tuned.


My provider is getting in shape with new server software and a relaunch of their website. I’ll need a few days to move my domains over to the new hosting cluster, so there won’t be any news until Tuesday.