One Month


Blogging resumes today, there’s a lot to write about. Our son is alive’n’kickin’, enjoying food and shelter and “being here” in general. In the beginning, he had troubles with jaundice which is why we ended up three times in hospital, but he’s o.k. now. All in all, I think we’ve been lucky so far, since he’s usually calm and his rhythm is fairly stable keeping us busy every three to four hours (for an hour and a half). We bought cloth diapers because disposables are prohibitedly expensive – we use them overnight though, Jun seems to be sleeping better that way and the combination is easy on our strained financial situation.

The birth and the first few days we didn’t really have the time to think about everything. Your life changes, a lot. Since we have many friends who are older than we are and have kids, we heard stories from them, what changes, sometimes we got a little glimps during visits and the such – but to be honest, nobody and nothing prepares you for such drastic changes in thinking, prioritization, life-style – even goals that were important before are moot now. To give one example, for years I’m looking forward to get a job in the foreign ministry or do a comparable job, at the United Nations, a political foundation and the like. Moving from one country every four years seemed like an advantage and even desirable, despite having had the chance to talk to officials in the foreign ministry in Croatia and South Korea, who warned me that their colleagues have difficulties to reconcile their job with family life. Now, I’m not so sure whether it is not better to have just a safe job – let’s say, working for the state, the city of Düsseldorf or maybe the feds in any position. Since every job holds more or less fascinating aspects, I’m sure that the position itself and location is secondary (as long as it is not ever changing) – I’m convinced I can have a great time with any job since all jobs and internships I did so far were in their way interesting. So, that leaves me with a new priority list, and it is still changing. I’m curious what’s going to happen tomorrow with that list…

We decided to raise Jun trilingually. I’m using my first mother tounge, Croatian, Heejoo will use Korean. One year before kindergarden, we’ll start with German. That’s how I learned it, too, and although I almost couldn’t speak when I first went to kindergarden, it wasn’t an issue three months later. Note to myself: I need a Croatian dictionary. 🙂

I know from my time in Zagreb two years ago that there are already Croatian-Korean couples with kids, so we’re definitely not the first to try this out, but since we talk in German with each other this is almost an experiment. I’d like to talk to a professional about children’s language development, perhaps one of my professors at the university can give me a hint where to start looking.

Question of the day: What makes babies laugh in their sleep?

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