New Tabacco Laws

Taxes for cigarette-sticks in Germany are going to be leveled with the rest of tobacco products. People will have to pay the full tax, no matter the size or form. That’s another incremental step into the right direction, but what we actually need are Irish anti-smoking laws. They’re strict and effective – and I have a lung to protect:

  1. Signs against smoking (which already exist in Germany but are often ignored) would have to be displayed in all affected areas
  2. If you break the law and smoke away you’re fined up to €3,000
  3. Environment Health Officers are hired to enforce the ban and conduct regular checks

The reasons why Germany should and can introduce this law is self-evident. If it works for them, it can work in Germany, too. The sooner our lawmakers learn from the Irish experience, the better. Don’t get me wrong, if somebody wants to smoke, let them – but give me the same freedom of choice to not to be exposed to it.

No Taxbonus for cigarette-sticks

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