Korean Birthdays

My kid has been born 80 days ago – but he is actually “two years old”. Sounds paradox? In Korea, children are “one year old” when they’re born, so that’s the first (calender) “year”. The second one comes from New Years Eve, since we have a new year, he just turned two. He looks younger though. 😉 Wikipedia explains it better than I could.

Jun now tries to imitate us when we talk to him, although it all sounds like aguuh, but I could be wrong, perhaps there are nuances I don’t hear. Anyway, there’s another couple that brings up their kid trilingually (Japanese, Polish and German), and it works out well, so there’re no worries about that anymore. His grip is getting stronger every day and his milk intake is at stunning 150-180ml every three or four hours, which accumulates to one sixth of his body weight! If I drank as much, I’d have to drown myself in 10 liters.

Funny encounter today: We were shopping at the Königsallee, when suddenly an old man approached me and asked with a startled face where did you get this baby from?. –It belongs to me, was the only answer I could come up passing by… this was the only time where people reacted in an odd way, everybody else is smiling and polite when they see a father with his baby in a carrier.

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