Prejudice Map Expanded

A telling 11 days after CA, Spiegel Online reports about the prejudice map.

Kushibo, a regular reader and commentator at CA who said that national pride would be the #1 stereotype mentioned about Koreans, made me curious enough to find it out myself… this is the top ten I got, using the same modus operandi (results can differ since the web changes every second):

  1. “The Koreans are known for solving for low cost, and the Americans? Nah, they’re petrol heads.”
  2. “Avi, the North Koreans are known for playing hard and nasty on the soccer field.”
  3. “Koreans are known for liking their food very very very hot and spicy..yuMm!”
  4. “North Koreans are known for bluffing and running there mouths off to get attention.”
  5. “The Koreans are known for wanting everything yesterday!”
  6. “Typically, the Koreans are known for churning out low-cost cars from basic platforms and exporting them globally.”
  7. “Koreans are known for hiding their age well.”
  8. “Koreans are known for their boat-shaped shoes.”
  9. “Koreans are known for separating their family members, such as separating the sexes and the young from the old.”
  10. “Koreans are known for their negotiating skills, and they often do not look for absolutes, as most things are subject to change.”

Surprisingly, nothing about national pride, but cars, food and soccer.

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