Monthly Archive for October, 2006

1st Birthday

IMG_1335It’s Jun’s first birthday! Looking back, the last twelve months went over so quickly. He starts to walk and talk, little by little, and it’s great to see his growing ability to interact with the people and objects around him. We’re in Korea since Oct 2nd, introducing him to the Korean half of the family. He gets along with everybody very smoothly, playing with his three cousins and his grandparents, his uncle and aunts. I’ll be staying in South Korea until Nov 2nd, Heejoo and Jun until Nov 30th. It’ll be hard without him for a whole month, but I already introduced skype to my sister-in-law and got her a webcam, so I hope we will have a few video calls in November. I still can remember that when I was 5 or so and alone with my mother in Croatia, my Dad wasn’t around for several weeks, I was afraid of the unfamiliar guy coming through the door one day.

p.s.: In a conversation with a friend, I realized that Jun’s initials are JPG (Jun Philipp Grabi?).

p.p.s.: I tried out Windows Live Writer for this post… curiosity killed the cat.


Yet Another Test Post. I bought a Flickr Pro Account per Paypal, it took me two minutes and the setting up of my WordPress blog in Flickr was simple. Great.

p.s.: Uploading works, although there’s an error message in Flickr – but I think I know where the error comes from. I’d also have to choose a category from within the blog. Well, nothing’s perfect, but it suits my needs.