Little children are like a combination of a blank canvas and a sponge: Whatever you show them, they try it out, play with it, learn everything about it. After a while, they even start to develop a certain sense of humor. Jun is now … well, in the beginning, I used to know exactly how many days, then weeks or months he’s old, now I have to fall back on such great online tools as altersrechner:

1 Jahr, 4 Monate, 3 Wochen, 3 Tage, 11 Stunden, 35 Minuten
16 Monate, 3 Wochen, 3 Tage, 11 Stunden, 35 Minuten
73 Wochen, 1 Tag, 11 Stunden, 35 Minuten
512 Tage, 11 Stunden, 35 Minuten
12299 Stunden, 35 Minuten
737975 Minuten

Since he started to walk several months ago, the number of unbelievably interesting novelties that moved within his range rose exponentially. Things like knives in drawers, cups full to the brim with milk, juice or, if we’re lucky, just water, wall sockets, computer keyboards and last but not least the stove. We have a Bosch stove with irresistible switches: If you want to turn on a stovetop, first you have to push one of the switches to have it snap out of the stove and then turn the switch to the program or temperature you need. If the switch is set to a certain temperature, you can’t push it back in, only when it’s set to zero. This way to can stand far away and still see in a split-second whether the device is turned on or off. The snapping in and out is the eye-catcher here. Pushing it out and back in over and over again is a real time filler when you’re 16 months old. So, the provident parents that we are try to avert Jun from the stove and forbid him to touch the switches. If he tries to snap them out, we tell him not to do it and take his hand away from it. Most of the time, it now works just by telling him not to touch it (he’s scared by hot food so it’s not that difficult), but sometimes curiosity prevails. Today though, he found a way to please us and gratify his appetite: Instead of using the hands, he started pushing the switches with his head, grinning all over the face.

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  • Children are so much fun … at least from a distanced perspective. (My little brother is now 4 yrs. old.)

    You should be glad that Jun hasn’t got any brothers or sisters to form an alliance with. *eg*

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