TOEFL Test and Score Data Summary for TOEFL ibt

ETS_TOEFL_logo Every year, ETS publishes data about its test forms, who took the test, where, how well did the candidates perform, etc., they also publish score results by country and native language. The data has been collected accurately, but of course they completely depend on the honesty of their customers. German test takers’ results from the beginning of the new TOEFL ibt test form in September 2005 up to December 2006 are as following:

reading listening speaking writing total
23 25 24 24 96

In Europe, test takes in Belgium (99), United Kingdom (97), Denmark (101), Finland (97), Norway (98), and the Netherlands (102) performed better, with Kosovo trailing behind the rest of Europe with an average total of 70 points, behind Italy with 71. The United Kingdom, a country with at least 85,67% native speakers, has a five points lower average total score than the Netherlands! It’s not that the Dutch education system and preparation for the test is superior, but the majority of foreigners in the UK who take the test don’t usually speak Dutch, which is closer to English than many other languages.

The test is aimed at foreigners, so usually English native speakers are not the target group, but in some cases Americans have to take the test, too. If you’re in Japan and want to enter a master’s course at a Japanese university, you could be asked to take the TOEFL in spite of being an English native speaker. Your chances to score high are good, but since it is not only an English test, but verifies your abilities to use English in an academic context, it is difficult for native speakers as well.

World-wide, the lowest total scores can be found in Qatar with and average of 54 total points, the highest is in the Netherlands with the afore-mentioned 102 points on average. US test takers are at 85 – yet far lower than United Kingdom. Sounds to me like test takers in the US underestimate the difficulty of the TOEFL. I’m in the US for some time already and this is an American test – what could possibly happen? Most probably the same reason as above with the UK applies, but there’s still a gap of 12 points.

The report also includes a list of all examinees by native language. English native speakers have a total score of 90 (!) on average, the highest are from Dutch native speakers (103), lowest are Fula-Peulh native speakers with 61. Native Japanese speakers are at 65, Korean native speakers at 72 points. An ETS contact explained on inquiry that there are certain groups of people who enter English as their native language, for example M?ori in New Zealand: Their native language is not in the ETS lists, but English is the official language in their native country. Another example are bi- and multilingually raised people.

Oh, the maximum number of points in TOEFL ibt is 120, take a look at the TOEFL ibt FAQ for further questions.

If you took the computer-based or paper-based TOEFL in the last two years, the TOEFL ibt/pbt/cbt comparison chart might be for you, too.

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  • I took the test last March. I got 105.

    Writing: 30
    Listening: 28
    Speaking: 23
    Reading: 24

    I’m still disappointed with my speaking marks. I was constantly out of ideas during the test and I stupidly lowered my voice because I didn’t want to attract people’s attention. How stupid.

    Reading was difficult, so I’m quite happy to get 24. I thought I was gonna get 15 or something. Phew!

    I’m a non-native speaker though.

  • I took the TOEFL iBT last month and got a score of 104. (26/25/24/29) I’m somewhat disapointed at my speaking score. I saw it coming since on one of the exercises I focused too much on my outline and spent too much time describing the issue, inevitably not being able to finish giving the required advice in the exercise. I was really pleased to find out my score, though, and even more so after reading that the average composite score for Mexico (I’m Mexican) is 85. lol

  • Can any body tell me the highest toefl ibt score achieved by a pakistani. thanks

  • I am from Pakistan. I am proud to say that I have got 102 score in Toefl IBT. I prepared for one month in home on my PC. Here I want to add that my academic performance in English in previous years have also made a significant difference. Although I am an average student.

    • please tell me . how did you get a higher score on toefl ibt. I really get trouble with this exam. my first was 69 and the second one was 58. I have to get 76.

  • Can anyone please tell me the best website for TOEFL Prep. I am regular student of BTACS, have no extra timing to go to other institute or learning centre. Please help me out

  • I’m chinese.
    and i got

    Reading – 30
    Listening – 29
    Speaking – 24
    Writing – 29

    Total – 112

  • Ohhh I fail the FOFEL iBT test only got 52 :))) really fail on reading and listening parts i.e wanted to sleep on the test badly

    Reading 10
    Listening 5 !!
    Speaking 20
    Writing 17

    so sad

  • hi! im a pakistani and i took toefl ibt on nov 1st. i scored a total of 111! 26 reading, 27 listening, 28 speaking and 30 writing. I also wish to know the highest score in pakistan for this year????

    • hi ,
      dear mumtaz,
      congrats buddy. i would like to know how you have succeeded in getting 28 in speaking. can you please help me out in this regard. i would be thankful for your reply

  • I am a Pakistani, I took my test on 22nd Nov, 2009. My scores are:

    R: 26
    L: 29
    S: 30
    W: 29

    Total: 114/120

    I will say, honestly, that I prepared for only two days! I did not study a single book for it – yes I did take the mock tests by kaplan and barrons. I practised for speaking a lot, recording a 1-minute sound and replaying it, thus pointing out any discrepencies.

    For writing section:
    1. Learn how to use punctuation properly.
    2. Make a skeleton of your essay first(Very Important)
    3. Always spare time to revise your essay(Very very Important).
    4. Dont make it too long or diffusive – vocabulary acts as condiments, so use uber-cool words like bourgeois, discombobulate, etc (those who prepare for the GRE should comprehend).

  • well it is true that Qatar has the lowest ranking..i did my exam yesterday and i totally feel that i did not do well…the enviroment was so noisy, not professional at all, the chairs were not confortable, no privacy especially in the speaking section, the PCs were not ready for such exam, and no place to take notes…
    i think supervisors should really check again about Qatar ability to give such test.

    • I took it in Qatar. Got a 108/120 without studying. The only thing I did “Fair” in was the writing section. It was due to my very, if I could Italicize, “different” writing style. Apparently talking about the validity and bias of the sources being used in the written response section is a no-no.

  • Hello, I am Colombian, I took the test 2 weeks ago. I got 71.

    R. 17
    L. 15
    S. 18
    W. 21

    How do you think, it is enough for a PhD in Europe? I know the score it’s not the best.

    So sad…

  • I am from Ukraine only one black national of this great country I gonna take this test soon on practical sessions my score was 79 I need 85 God bless me i would like to study in States

  • hi danish here wanna to give TOFEL in next month . is there is good source form which i can study and do preparation for getting the good score

  • when are the 27th march 2010 ibt toefl results out??

  • I took the Toefl two days back..i dont know if i did good ot not,, but i need to get 88 means 22 or above for each section to study my master in the U.K

    I am from Kuwait.

    • I took the toefl test twice. The first time,in 2008, I got 107(29/29/22/27). The second time,in 2010, I got 111(30/30/23/28). I am a Vietnamese.

  • How often does the Toefl test take place?

  • Dr.Mohammad Ahmad

    ALHAMDULILLAH i got 116/120. I just recieved my score today.I am a Pakistani Dentist.Took my test on July 10th 2010
    Listening 28
    Reading 29
    Writing 29
    Speaking 30

    Wish everybody good luck.
    If anybody wants any guidance,you are welcome………just need duas……

  • wow I am so pro my listening= perfect, my reading score= perfect, my writing= perfect, my speaking= perfect. why am i such a pro. cya noobs

  • Hi everyone, I took TOEFL iBT last Oct. 17, 2010. I’m still waiting for the result. I’m very nervous especially on the speaking part. I need to get 91 in order to be accepted for master programme.. Wish me luck guys… ;O)

  • Well… I recently got a score of 110!! No preparation classes what so ever!! just had a couple of weeks to get ready for the test… I m from Pakistan by the way!! and I haven’t done o or a levels!!

  • hello dear iam awais from pakistan .plz tell me how i cheak the toffle result from internet…..i have user name

  • am from Nigeria, i wrote may toefl last week, i pray i hit it well.

  • @L. real estate: I’m sorry, I overlooked your question. Here you can find a list with all test dates for your country:

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