Farewell Party

IMG_2728We’re celebrating two good-byes: Firstly, we’re moving to a new home at the end of June after living three and a half years at Europe’s most polluted micro-dust street, with a paper mill and a major Autobahn drive-up in the neighborhood. The apartment itself is great though, spacious and affordable considering we’re living in Düsseldorf – but it’s no good if you have kids and want to go out for a walk every day. We’ve looked around for almost a whole year and found just the right place.

The second good-bye is a rather temporary matter: We’re leaving to South Korea for a month-long family visit. As long as Jun is still an infant – in aviatory terms – he doesn’t have to pay the full ticket. Since we’re planning for a second child, it’s not getting cheaper in the future.

The picture on the left should give an idea what you missed, in case you were invited but couldn’t come.

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