Neology: wikifizieren

At work, I’ve started using an expression in 2005 when dealing with internal memos and information we enter in our knowledge database, a mediawiki installation: wikifizieren means just that, entering information into a wiki and using wiki formatting. I had to explain to my boss and colleagues what I meant, but I think it sounds reasonable. What do you think?

update: I found the term in Wikipedia (where else), the earliest entry is from 2004.

3 Responses to “Neology: wikifizieren”

  • I think “wikifizieren” is a word that would also have originated at where I work.

    I think that I might use it in the next meetings to test it. It’s certainly shorter than “bitte ins Wiki eintragen”

  • Somehow – and despite its other meaning – wkifizieren (wikify) sounds to me as if it meant: “to verify a piece of information by checking it on Wikipedia”

  • Neologisms are highly flexible and fun to use, the one you describe fits to Wikiality.

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