Düsseldorf Business School

I did it! After reading up on further education, thinking over my decision not to do a doctorate, but an MBA program and coming to the same conclusion once again, I started looking for business schools in the area. There are two local schools, FOM and DBS and a number of distance study programs like the ones from Akad and Open University. The latter was really tempting, but I wanted to sit with other students in one room and work on problems together. Since every student has several years of experience in his work field, the mix of experiences a group can offer is unparalleled and can’t possibly be reached by distance learning. The DBS has an English MBA program as well, but it hasn’t started yet for this year so I’m settling for the German one and might switch later one.

Money is scarce as always, so I applied for a scholarship – and obtained it! The first day of school is today. In the next 19 months, I’ll dive into the world of economics and business administration. See you December 2009.

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  • Well, what’s there left to say? Congrats and good luck. (although in this case I’d prefer to wish you “Viel Erfolg!” rather than luck)

  • Hey, Tomi!

    Congrats for the decision. It’s always better to do than to plan 😉 Taking Decisions definitely is something that needs to be done!

    So all the best for your new journey through the education landscape!

    Keep us updated as to what you learn and what oddities you may encounter in the strange world of business…

  • Axo, ja.

    Auch wenn ich dich ja andauernd sehe, habe ich anscheinend noch nicht gratuliert zu dem “Fang”. Jetzt bereite diesen mal lecker zu und dann lade uns alle zum Essen ein.

    In diesem Sinne.

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