The other day, I was looking for add-ons for Thunderbird and found an article about Rapleaf. In short, if you write me an email, the addon shows me which social networks you belong to. Comes in handy, but the database is not big enough.

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  • Disclaimer: I am the plugin’s author.

    When you query Rapleaf (and hence the plugin) for an email address that it doesn’t have in the database, the address is added to the queue for searching. If you go back and check, 10 minutes or so later, you will find that there will be some information there.

    Just a note, this will only work if you are not using the ‘send hashes’ option.


  • Hello Daniel, thank you for pointing this out. I found the option later, the above posting is written under the impression of using it for a few minutes. I still have it installed, and it’s been extremely helpful – not only for private contacts, but especially for business contacts.
    There were a few surprises, too, like googlealerts-noreply@nullgoogle.com being associated with a Myspace and a Bebo account.

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