Monthly Archive for September, 2009

Social Software @ Work

I’m at a great workshop today and yesterday, “Social Software @ Work” at HHU’s Schloss Mickeln in Duesseldorf. I didn’t have much opportunity to take part in such conferences – something that has to change! Dozens of like-minded people, from companies like BASF, Daimler and Siemens as well as Frauenhof researchers talking about web 2.0. Check out the speakers list and their publications.

Wahl-O-Mat zur Bundestagswahl 2009

Wahl-O-Mat zur Bundestagswahl 2009


Make Money Around Free Content

Make Money Around Free Content in the Wired How-To Wiki – it partly touches my MBA thesis. How to develop and implement a business model, offering a high-quality service (not content) for free while being paid by a third party.

New on the Inside, Same Old, Same Old on the Outside

My WordPress install was borked since version 2.x, I finally got around to revamp the backend, clear out 1001 folders and all that. Oh, and there are 30+ drafts in the pipeline – most of it probably out of date, but we’ll see.