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The Turnout Report

Düsseldorf’s office for statistics and elections published their report (185 pages) about the Diet parliamentary elections a few minutes ago here.

The ratio of male to female delegates at the SPD was 43 to 31, CDU 78 to 11, FDP 9 to 3 and Green Party 6 to 6. As far as I know, no other party than the Green established full gender equality in their party manifesto.

The highest turnout was in Essen (area IV) with 72,7%, the lowest one in Duisburg III with 51,8%. The number for Düsseldorf, my area: 65,5%. The SPD recieved the highest percentage in Unna III – Hamm II with 55,9%, the lowest in Paderborn I with 21,3%. The CDU in contrast was most popular in Paderborn I 65,2% and only 28,3% in Cologne III. In the latter electorate area, the Green Party revieced their highest percentage with unbelievable 18,6%. Paderborn is obviously the conservative stronghold in NRW, I’d like to know why…

This election could not only have consequences for all of Germany, but also for the European Union. The close friendship between the French and German government is partly based on the relationship between Chancellor Schröder and President Chirac – with a CDU-led government in Berlin, this important pillar will vanish in thin air.

Japan Bazar

Japan BazarOnce a year, the Japanese community in Düsseldorf organizes a second hand market between main station and the VHS (a public adult education institute) in early May. This time, it was smaller than in the years before. We got a Doraemon puzzle for a friend. If you’re living in the area and want to buy all kinds of stuff cheap, take a look at Duesselnet. You’ll need somebody who translates Japanese for you, though. Over 5,000 Japanese live in Düsseldorf, in Europe, it’s the biggest Japanese community. The Sarariman are sent here to work for four or five years, and usually they come with their families. When their time has come, they sell their belongings before returning home to Japan, and lots of it is on Duesselnet‘s black board or the one in the Japanese club at Marienstrasse.