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Food for Thought


Another post for the food department – this is Kimchi Chigge with tofu and tuna, chicken stripes with gingko and other vegetables, Ozingo (sepia in red pepper pasta), beef and potatoes in soy sauce, spinach with garlic and sesamy, doraji with cucumber and the daily portion of rice with black rice and green peas.

Call for Help

Famine in Niger (source: AFP)The famine in Niger escalates: About 2-3.5 million people are affected by it, around 150,000-800,000 children already suffer from undernourishment and might die in the near future. The numbers vary a lot, but considering the situation it’s not surprising. Milton Tetonidis of Medecins Sans Frontieres has been quoted that response has yet been very low – spread the word.


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Fresh Fish

SaitoBuy where the Japanese buy… Saito behind Düsseldorf main station is the best place for fresh fish – you can buy everything there, even raw fish for Sushi like Toro – and even fish that only exists at Saito – I couldn’t find it on Google. I don’t know the exact address, but you can take a look at this map.


BibimbapToday’s lunch: South Korean Bibimbap with improvised ingredients: Rice, farn, salad, gingko, chongak-kimchi, zucchini, onions, sesame leaves and doraji. Here are a few more recipies for Bibimbap.

On the Menu

spring rollsMy family doesn’t really know what my (south-korean) wife and me eat. My brother is married to a German, my mother is with an American, my father is married with a Croatian – diversity whereever you look, even on our dishes. My wife’s family in Korea is curious, too, so I’ll post food every now and then. Today we had spring rolls, whic are not very difficult to cook, but I need more practice with the rolling – I did the ugly roll in the back.