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Six Billion Others

Testimonies: “6 billion Others” by Yann Arthus-Bertrand, a delight to watch.


Junk Food Messing With Your Mind

McDonald’s subliminal advertisements on the Food Network


Hubble Photos

Several breath-taking Hubble photos.


TED Talks

Dozens of videos really, really worth watching: TED Talks


Evaluating Web Sites for Accessibility with Firefox

Evaluating Web Sites for Accessibility with Firefox – extremely practical, install the web developer bar for Firefox and have a go at it.


Make Internet TV

Make Internet TV is the best place so far to learn how to shoot and publish videos.


Democracy and Zudeo/Vroom

Two clients, similar purpose: Democracy and Zudeo/Vuze, open source internet TV and high definition videos.


The Commuter

An old friend from I-House times, Bryan Nykon, made an entertaining short film and posted in on Youtube – enjoy The Commuter.

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Truth Happens

Click on more to watch a great video about truth (via SecurityTinker).

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The Knowing Camera

Just yesterday or the day before I thought, wouldn’t it be great if my camera were able to take pictures and remember the location automagically? A build-in GPS (or better, Galileo) would save the image as well as the exact position along other EXIF information. Then, when uploading it to flickr, your map would be updated accordingly. Having Google Earth updated and linked with taken images would be even better. I tried the flickr map function with two sets, but it’s taking too long to enter the info manually and it’s far from exact, so I pass this feature until I buy a new camera: In five years or so, I thought, when I need to buy a replacement, it might just happen that cameras have such a feature, but obviously somebody had this idea some time ago. Great!

creative commons & music

I’ve been looking for free music and soundeffects on the net, here are a few sites I’d like to share:


and of course


In the search for podcasting websites, I stumbled upon Japancasting at BlogMatrix. If you’re studying Japan or English as a Foreign Language, take a look. The weblog also touches other subjects, use of technology, the web, etc.


The find of the day night: Loudblog

It’s a well coded CMS for publishing media like podcasts on the net. I’m not planning to start podcasting personally, but lately I was asked about this from various sides and started looking for software, scripts that make your life easier. Loudblog seems like the most promising tool out there.

50 books for thinking…

…about the future human condition. Check out the list:

50 books list from the Rand corporation.

Fremd Im Eigenen Leben

Fremd im Eigenen Leben

I read again through a few hundred pages of trivial literature, but it wasn’t not too worthwhile this time. It was the first one for several years, since my studies curbed my appetite for books unrelated to seminars. My wife usually starts reading something and I jump on the wagon and join her. In this case, we’ve read a book by Chang-Rae Lee, A Gesture Life in its German translation, Fremd im Eigenen Leben. My English is far from being free from errors, but I’m certain that the translator either didn’t have much time or was incompetent. On the first few pages already you get strangely translated words (false friends), throughout the whole book I never had the feeling that the translation was close to the original… somehow… bumpy, inaccurate. The lector also must have been in a hurry, the number of grammar and spelling errors was telling. The story itself was interesting, though, verbose at times, with a predictable character developement. On the bright side, that’s not to say that the characters weren’t intruiging, the relation to reality, a Zainichi in the Japanese Imperial Army is a tantalizing foundation for a story, but the execution was surprisingly uninspired – the author won the PEN/Hemingway Award for another book. Maybe it’s the translation, maybe my expectations were too high. If you’re looking for information about Japan’s war history and the notorios Comfort Women system, better turn to Yoshimi Yoshiaki or Buruma.